Message from LIMA Japan

Posted by Marty Brochstein on March 21, 2011

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The following comes from Fumihiko “Pochi” Kusama, Managing Director of LIMA Japan, and Roger Berman, Advisor

Dear fellow LIMA members and global licensing industry colleagues,

At this time of writing (Saturday 19th March), just over one week has passed since the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake struck Japan at 14:46 local time on Friday, 11 March 2011.

The earthquake and tsunami that followed is an event of unbelievable disastrous scale. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, and all those who are still struggling to survive in extremely difficult circumstances. The ongoing nuclear crisis in Fukushima still has to be resolved. Concerns far away here in Tokyo about radiation issues pale in comparison to the hardships that the earthquake and tsunami survivors are going through. We applaud the self-dedication of the rescue services and volunteers in the earthquake and we are in awe at the bravery of those at the Fukushima nuclear plant in working to contain the accident. We also commend and deeply appreciate the help that is being given to Japan from countries around the world.

We express our deep gratitude for the many kind messages of concern and sympathy that we have received, and for the offers of material assistance from the licensing community at large. At this time, transportation infrastructure to the region is still being rebuilt, but with fuel delivery still difficult, only the most essential supplies are getting through.

Therefore at this time, we are focusing on asking for financial aid donations that directly benefit the relief efforts such as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. (Click here to make a donation.)

The Japanese economy will recover stronger than before. We ask for the global licensing community’s understanding and cooperation in achieving this goal.

LIMA Japan
Fumihiko “Pochi” Kusama, Managing Director
Roger Berman, Advisor