LIMA UK ‘on the road’ in 2014 : next stop London Book Fair

Posted by Kelvyn Gardner on February 18, 2014

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We realised a long time ago at LIMA UK that, no matter how fascinating and full of potential the licensing business evidently is, by no means is the entirety of Britain’s business community necessarily cognisant of this. Neither can we rely on UK plc beating a path to our door to find out. That’s why we welcome the chance to go ‘on the road’, taking the licensing message out to wider business sectors. In 2014 we have plans to take our ‘roadshow’ to a goodly number of locations and industry sectors. More on most of these plans as the year unfolds, but, to start with we’ve been pleased to support two major events in the first quarter of 2014.

First of all we were once again a part of The Licensing Lounge at Spring Fair in Birmingham earlier this month. For those of you reading this outside the UK, it’s worth noting that this event is the largest consumer goods fair in Britain each year, with literally thousands of retail visitors. We were given the opportunity to present a paper on the importance of licensed merchandise to UK retail, which was well received. For the rest of the event we were present to offer licensing advice, and a helping hand for companies looking to find their way into licensing. We met companies who are still put off by believing that licensing is expensive, or that deals are not available to newcomers, or who simply did not know where to make a start with a licensing enquiry. We set a few of them on the right path, but it shows that there is a real need to go out and set the record straight.

Next stop on our ‘tour’ will be the London Book Fair, on 8th, 9th and 10th April at Earls Court. We’ll be staging no less than three separate seminars on varied topics of keen interest to publishers, whether they are looking to acquire IP rights themselves or planning to get to work on licensing-out their own content. We will also be running a licensing advice clinic throughout from our dedicated LIMA stand. We’ll shortly be announcing a special discount for LIMA members on visitor entry – more details and a link to secure this benefit to follow. Lots to look forward to for us, and we hope to get the chance to meet some of you at these and our other events in 2014.