International business takes off at Brand Licensing Europe

Posted by Kelvyn Gardner on October 01, 2010

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Getting back last night after BLE 2010, for once I was grateful to be arriving at an empty house. With my family all away on sundry musical/business and educational missions, only my ageing cat, Alice, was around. Alice, being a typical feline, is far too wise to expend energy on conversation, so I was free to luxuriate in the realisation that I did not have to speak to anyone for twelve hours or so. I guess you know the feeling, and you certainly would if ‘you were there’ in 2010. Though the pace inevitably slackened a little on Thursday afternoon, the show carried on from last year with a real charge of energy tangible in the hall. Most notably, the year-on-year growth of international visitors and exhibitors stepped up exponentially this year. Some of the international stands were major exhibits to match the grandest of the home-based companies, an investment signalling confidence in the wide territorial reach of the show. That confidence was not misplaced. The international exhibitors I spoke to were delighted by their experience (no doubt improved still further by acquaintance with some fine English ale from the pub across the road from the show). Foreign language was heard everywhere – I even spoke to a student from Taiwan who had come along to seek placement work in the licensing industry: how many students anywhere even know about the licensing industry? Chalk one up for Advanstar’s Asia communications.

LIMA enjoyed a great show, with a raft of announcements, new personnel making show debuts, and, as usual. providing a buzzy central location for members to greet, meet, and even to take a seat. Our flip! networking evening attracted some fifty attendees, most of whom had less than two years’ licensing experience, and we welcomed them into our field of endeavour. As for me, well, it may be back-to-business but I’m hoping we can agree, you and I, to stick to e-mail and text messaging for one more day. I may then even be able to spare a word for Alice by the evening.