Developing The Next Generation of Licensing Professionals

Posted by Marty Brochstein on April 07, 2010

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I spent an interesting afternoon last week listening to Michael Stone’s guest lecture to 35 students in an MBA class at Boston University. The 90-minute lecture – initiated via an initial contact by LIMA — was part of a branding course taught by Associate Professor Susan Fournier.

Interestingly, Stone’s opening thesis didn’t present licensing overtly as a brand enhancement and brand extension tool – as is often the case – but rather a “a great communication tool” that smart CMOs use to create and reinforce the core brand’s image. It’s important, he said, that a licensing program “be integrated with the rest of the communication plan” to stress brand attributes with consistency.  The wide-ranging lecture used a host of examples and challenges, drawing both from Beanstalk’s own clients as well as a host of brands from throughout the corporate licensing sector.

One of LIMA’s goals is to make licensing more visible to those entering or moving up in the business world by getting it into the curricula of colleges and universities on both the undergrad and graduate levels. While there are a few licensing pros either teaching full courses or guest lecturing at a handful of schools in the U.S. and Europe, we’re trying to extend those efforts more widely.