Brand Licensing Europe reaches new heights in 2013

Posted by Kelvyn Gardner on October 15, 2013

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It’s the end of the first day of Brand Licensing 2013 and I’m hearing rumours…………..

I’m hearing rumours that the sun returned to London for the first time in a week to give those reluctant first-timers no excuse whatsoever for not visiting this year’s premier Europe-based international licensing event.

I’m hearing rumours that the attendee numbers today are a record for the first day of this show ever.

I’m hearing rumours that the new location of the Art & Design zone is a big hit with stand owners. It’s bright and airy, is in a natural walkway between the brands area, the Licensing Academy, and the ground floor of the show, and it even has a dedicated catering outlet. The art of sandwiches, eh?

I’m hearing rumours that the new Brand Zone was busy with visitors as soon as the show opened, and stayed busy all day. In fact, this is one rumour I can personally confirm as the LIMA stand this year is in this brave new locale, and we, and every stand around us, was buzzing with activity. Spacious, light, with a LIMA-colour-friendly ice blue carpet to greet the guests, it certainly attracted visitors. No harm done by offering everyone a free drink at the Brands Bar either.

I’m hearing rumours that, not to be outdone, the Entertainment sector in its traditional ground-floor Olympia home was showing off its Sunday best with dramatic stands, floating character sculptures, a veritable bun fight of a costumed-character parade, screenings galore. Sooty celebrated his 65th birthday, Dennis the Menace was handing out caricatures, David Jason showed up to promote PiP, Chupa Chups gave everyone lollies, and Angry Birds gave a keynote about their elevation to aggressive avian achievement.

I’m hearing rumours that all the considerable number of post-show parties are over-subscribed. Licensing people clearly like a full day. How will anyone have any voice left for day two, let alone Thursday?

If you’ve not been to the show yet, don’t miss the opportunity to be at the business event of Autumn 2013. Forty-eight hours and counting………………