A personal reflection on Lois Sloane

Posted by Marty Brochstein on July 21, 2010

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It says a lot about Lois Sloane that she chose to name her agency SloaneVision Unlimited. As a creative thinker and marketer, her vision wasn’t limited to replicating that which had come before, but rather moved well — to use a tired but appropriate phrase — outside the box.

It was apparent by the large number of licensing people who turned out for the memorial service for Lois Sloane on Monday in New York that I am only one of many who counted her as a friend, mentor, confidant and sounding board.

I got to know Lois only after her entertainment industry days — my arrival at The Licensing Letter was at about the time that Lois was launching SloaneVision. I recall lots of great conversation and debate, tons of opinions expressed, and a general joie de vivre that permeated everything.

Interspersed with the sadness at the service were lots of laughs and knowing smiles as a family member or friend related a particular anecdote or family tale. Lois was very private about the disease she had been fighting, and which eventually claimed her. I suspect she would have approved heartily of the laughs.