Monthly Archive: November 2015

Kelvyn Gardner

‘Tis the Season to Go Shopping

Over the last ten years subsequent surveys by a variety of researchers have clearly identified the favourite ‘out of home’ activity among Brits: shopping. Yes, forget the great god of association football, or walking the dog, or gardening, or the myriad other traditional things to do outside – even going to the pub is surpassed. Shopping rules. As we are

Allison Ames

A Tough Mudder for Retailers

If you think holiday shoppers are the frantic ones, think again. It’s getting hard core for retailers today and the competition for the ultimate prize of share of wallet has become akin to a Tough Mudder for merchants. I don’t know about you, but seeing holiday sales and promotions beginning as early as September gives me more anxiety as a


The Who & Why of Auditing for Licensing

With 2015 coming to a close and planning/budgeting for next year underway, now is the time to consider an audit plan for 2016. While many brand owners are familiar with the audit process and its benefits, there are still too many that have never put an audit plan into place. If you fall into that latter category, here’s a quick

Jeff Lotman

5 Strategies Brand Owners can Learn from Donald Trump’s Licensing Empire

5 Strategies Brand Owners can Learn from Donald Trump’s Licensing Empire   by Jeff Lotman   Skeptics may doubt the Donald’s credentials as a politician up to the demands of the Oval Office, there’s no denying that Donald Trump is a savvy businessman who has made billions on real estate and a host of other income streams. Presidential hopefuls have