Monthly Archive: August 2015

Kelvyn Gardner

Summer Movies Deliver Big Returns for UK Licensing

The revival of movies in the UK licensing sector, which began with the sweeping success of Frozen at the end of 2013, and has widely been predicted to continue in 2015, looks truly to have come to pass. In box office terms, both Minions and Jurassic World have now surpassed the £41m take of Frozen. Jurassic world, in fact, has

Alexis Bautista

Five Shocking Truths About Licensing (From a Startup Perspective)

A few years back I thought that being a small company and thriving through licensing was just not possible. “Licensing is for the big boys” – I reasoned. All that changed when I learned through my own Startup the following 5 shocking truths about Licensing. I share them now with you hoping that they can also help you make better


Time for New Business

The licensing market has a supply and demand problem. There are many more rights available to buy than licensees, manufacturers or retailers willing to buy them. This may have always been the case but in my 25 years in the industry I don’t think the imbalance has been quite this acute. One reason for the growth in rights being sold

LIMA Staff

#LicensingLeader – 8/13, Stu Seltzer

#LicensingLeader is a new event where LIMA works with licensing executives from various segments of the industry, opening dialogue between them and an eager licensing audience on Twitter. We kicked off our #LicensingLeader Twitter chats on Thursday, August 13. We were lucky enough to have Stu Seltzer, President of Seltzer Licensing, as our first expert, discussing the basics of licensing!

Stu Seltzer

Strategic Objective

Basics of Licensing: What is the strategic objective of licensing-out my brand? Congrats for reading this article… you’ve decided to explore licensing!   I assume you have a brand that has a fan base and you’ve heard about all the lucrative benefit of licensing… Perhaps your brand is a celebrity, sport team, famous artist, cartoon character, laundry detergent or Youtube star…you