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All children deserve to run and play and enjoy the simple pleasures of being young. And we, the licensing community, make the toys and products that are an integral part of their youth! CBTF

For the kids of Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, cancer is also a part of their youth – and the promise of tomorrow is not a guarantee. So how can our industry give hope to these same children we are reaching with our licensed goods? How can we help the children who give such purpose to our industry?

Well, the LIMA Charity Committee is raising funds for the research of the CBTF Tissue Consortium – a collaborative, groundbreaking research project by doctors not only working toward a cure, but focusing on treatments that will improve quality of life right now.

You can join with us in standing up for these children! Help support us with direct donations or by reserving an ad in this year’s LIMA Licensing Awards Ceremony Program, paying tribute to this year’s  Licensing Awards nominees and/or our Hall of Fame Inductees:  Dell Furano, Allan Feldman and Cyril Speijer.

Kindly fill out the online reservation form to secure your ad.  The deadline for payment and artwork is April 1.

If you have any questions, please contact Christina Jordan, Senior Director of Marketing for LIMA, at

Save the date, May 23, 201t for the LIMA Licensing Awards Ceremony during Licensing Expo in Las Vega. Join us in celebrating all that our industry does, all it strives for and all it stands for!

If you have any questions, please contact Christina Jordan, Director of Marketing for LIMA, at

With Kind Regards,
Leigh Anne Brodsky & Joanne Loria,
LIMA Charity Committee Co-Chairs


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