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IB2A8335In Memory of Cheryl Stoebenau - the leader of and inspiration behind all LIMA Cares does for the kids of CBTF.

A Global Industry Fighting a Global Disease

Roughly one-third of kids around the world who are diagnosed with cancerous brain tumors do not live beyond five years.  It is the deadliest childhood cancer… yet research for this disease is one of the most underfunded.

LIMA and the licensing industry are committed to raising funds for the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium, where doctors from seven international hospitals – lead by a dedicated team at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – are doing the world’s only collaborative pediatric brain tumor research.

Their goal? Saving kids.  Everywhere.

We are the only corporate sponsor of the Consortium and 100% of the money donated – over $5.8 million since 2004 – goes directly to this vital research.  Join our fight – and theirs – and support kids from around the world. Help them to enjoy a childhood full of life… and free of cancer.

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